Laundry basics from sorting to drying hand smocked clothing (part 6)

Please continue reading part 6 of my post about sorting to dying hand smocked clothing for babies!

Mothers should remember that the lint filter should be cleaned prior to drying all loads to ensure safe operation and to enable your dryer to operate efficiently.


Use care to not overload your dryer. Just because there is room left in the tub, it doesn’t mean the dryer belt can handle an extra large load. This only make your dryer work harder and take longer to dry a huge load of baby smocked clothing such as baby smocked dresses, boys smocked clothing, smocked pajamas…if your dryer is not designed for oversize wash loads.

Air dry hand smocked clothes for best results

Although today on the market, dryers have excellent features for drying delicates smocked clothes and fine laundry. Polyester or knit fabric hand smocked outfits looks new longer when it is hung to dry. Items like towel and bathing suits that have a lot of elastic should also be air dried to retain elastic integrity.


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