Laundry basics from sorting to drying hand smocked clothing (part 7)

Hang knit pants folded the same way you would for storing, on a stable plastic or wooden hanger and air dry. When they are dry, you simply transfer these hangers right to your closet and ironing will be unnecessary. In fact, air drying reduces static electricity and also reduces the presence of ‘pills’ which can gather on clothing during the drying hand smocked clothing process.


Lay smocked coats flat on a drying rack or a smocked towel, smocked blanket to ensure it retains its proper shape while air drying. When drying them, you should turn it over at least once during the day to increase air flow while drying and make hand smocked clothes be dry faster.

You should concern other laundry tips below

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Washing only your white hand smocked outfits in hot water and the rest in cold water to save energy dollars and give good result in a clean wash.

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