Laundry basics from sorting to drying hand smocked clothing (part 8)

In this part, you can discover some information about laundry basics from sorting to drying hand smocked clothing.

Continue talking about tip for laundry: You should use the permanent press lower temperature with the cool down period, or hang to dry smocked clothing for best results. In fact, with too high a drying heat, it will cause permanent wrinkles to set in knit smocked clothes.


Use liquid detergents for cold water washes; powders will not dissolve well and will leave a white residue on dark hand smocked clothes.

If someone in your household has an allergy to soap, either add another clear rinse to remove any soap from the wash, or rewash the entire load of baby clothes such as smocked dresses, boys smocked clothing…in cold water without any detergent.

Fold baby clothing immediately when the dryer cycle ends to reduce wrinkles on hand smocked suits.


Hope that information I gave above is useful for you in making laundry for smocked kids clothing better. Please wait last part to complete your knowledge about this issue!