Laundry basics from sorting to drying hand smocked clothing (part 9)

In last part of my post, readers can see some useful information about laundry basics or tips from sorting to drying hand smocked clothing. They will help you so much in doing laundry baby clothes such as smocked dresses for baby girls, baby boys smocked clothing, smocked robe, accessories…

And now I will mention rest of information to help you complete these processes with cute baby clothing. Read now!

  • Hang hand smocked clothes by air immediately after the wash cycle ends to reduce wrinkles on them.


  • Half or a third of a fabric softener sheet works as well as a full sheet (for smaller loads) and saves you money when washing hand smocked suits.
  • Ball caps that have a plastic brim insert wash well on a short wash cycle with a low spin, but should be air dried.
  • Not use too much bleach in your wash to avoid turning some white fabrics of smocked clothing to yellow and fabric threads to break down.
  • Dryer timed cycles can possibly be reduced. Experiment with reduced drying times; you may only need 15 minutes and not 30 to dry your load.
  • Too much detergent in your load will leave a soapy residue on your hand smocked outfits.


After reading my post, hope that you can do laundry for baby outfits better…

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