Back to school clothes are necessary for children when they begin a new school year. Parents are always anxious to buy necessary things for their children before new school year. Clothes are one of lists things need buying & Parents always find the best clothes for their children to wear on that day. There are a lot of patterns of Back to school for you to choose.

Abc Letter patterns

ABC letters always symbols for Back to school. It is perfect for children to wear. There are many styles for parents to choose boys or girls

School equipment applique set for boy – BC 706

With boy set, it is very cute with white ABC on black board & with yellow pencil & an apple on the middle of shirt.

School board applique shortall set – BC 705

With white ABC on black board with yellow hem, this pattern can make bubble cuter a lot.

Nice school equipment applique dress – DR 2501

With red zigzag around collar, sleeves & hem of dress, you can negate that it looks very beautiful.


Apple Patterns

With apple pattern, there are a lot of designs & styles to be made with apple pattern

Apple appliqué on A-line dress looks very cute. Your children will more beautiful very much if wearing it.

Lovely apple A-line dress for baby girl – DR 2223


Beautiful apple appliqued peasant dress – DR 2001

Very cute & gorgeous with apple applique pattern, ruffle at bottom, it is perfect for baby girl on School year. Everyone will not able to look at when your daughter wears it.

Smocked apple: Have you ever seen smocked apple dress or set? If you have seen them, we can make sure that you love them.

Nice apple hand smocked bishop dress – DR 2148

 It is very adorable with apple hand smocked pattern around neckline and green zigzag on sleeves & hem. Combining on red polka dot, this dress looks very adorable.

Besides patterns of ABC letters, apples, there are other patterns for back to school such as School equipment, school bus, bookworm, letter “back to school”..

Cute school supplies smocked bishop girl set – DR 1964

It is very cute with smocking of school supplies around the neck, red zigzag on sleeves & hem.  It is pretty with combination of white fabric & yellow quatrefoil pant.

Other designs are very beautiful. You can see

It is very lovely with appliquéd dress for girls with bookworm pattern on the chest.  It is perfect with patterns & fabric. Your daughter will like to go to school with this dress.

School Bus pattern is popular patterns for back to School collection. School Bus is not strange with all pupils

When your child goes to school, it is very gorgeous in an outfit with school bus pattern.

There are a lot of patterns but you can choose patterns which your child love & feel exciting to wear it.

Thank you for reading!!!