Should and should not in washing custom baby clothes

The baby’s skin can be very sensitive especially during the first year so you have to wash custom baby clothes carefully. With new parents, here are some of tips on how to do custom baby clothing laundry. Here are the should and should not in washing kid clothes:

  • Should separate your custom baby suits from the rest of the laundry. Your baby’s clothes are not as heavily soiled as other clothes and don’t need much detergent. Also, regular detergent may leave harmful residues on your child’s clothing.



  • Shouldn’t skip pre-treating. Pre-treating stains can make cool kids clothes cleaner and done faster. Most detergents are effective in removing stains but there is no guarantee that it will directly hit the stained area. Without pre-treatment, you need to wash the clothes repeatedly to clean the stain thoroughly. Also, pre-treatment can also lessen the use of hot water.
  • Should use baby detergents. Baby detergents contain milder cleaning ingredients, which are specially formulated to be gentle on baby’s skin.
  • Should follow the right washing cycle. You should use the right water level, temperature and washing time. This prevents the washer from using too much water and energy. Generally, baby clothes should be washed in cold water to prevent bacteria build up.
  • Shouldn’t overload your washing machine. Clothes need to have enough space so that water can get on all sides when it’s tossed in the machine. Otherwise, your baby’s clothes will still be dirty at the end of the cycle.



Always run the custom kids clothes through an extra rinse cycle to wash away all soap residues that may still be on the garment.