Some notices to keep babies safe in the smocked clothing laundry room (part 1)

With a mother of babies, you have to spend much time in the smocked clothing laundry room, often with a kid in tow. And you don’t know that the laundry room is excited world with them due to colorful products, big machine. When you want children to learn all about laundry of smocked clothes, there are precautions around them.

Washer and dryer safety when washing baby smocked suits


With kids, a smocked infant clothing washer is a great place to play with much water inside. However, a small child can drown in water. They don’t have the strength to pull themselves back up and out of appliances. You should set up childproof locks on smocked baby clothes washer to insure their safety and your piece of mind. This locks look like a great place to crawl into to play.


You should unplug washers and dryers when not in use. A child was killed after being trapped inside a front-loader when her sibling accidentally closed the door and pressed a button to start the machine as when you wash smocked infant clothes.

Babeeni team