Some notices to keep babies safe in the smocked clothing laundry room (part 2)

Store smocked clothing laundry products safely


You should store all laundry products a locked or childproofed cabinet. Bleach, stain removers, even detergent can be toxic if consumed. You have always to sweep or wipe up any products to wash smocked infant clothing that spill onto the machines or the floor.

Liquid capsules or soft pacs of detergent for smocked clothes are particularly dangerous because they often squirts into the eyes of children and can cause corneal burns.

Some chemicals such as chlorine bleach and ammonia you usually use for smocked dresses or boys smocked clothing– when combined form toxic fumes even if the child does not consume the products. So you never leave anything within reach of babies.

Ironing safety


Ironing smocked baby clothes should not be done when a child is close by because just with one bump to the ironing board it can bring a hot appliance down on a little body.

Babeeni team