Some smocked infant clothing dryer problems you can fix (part 2)

Your smocked infant clothing dryer is making a terrible noise


If you hear a terrible noise from your smocked baby clothing dryer, you should stop the drying cycle and check the contents. Some problems you should concern such as: “Are all buckles fastened? Are zippers of smocked clothing zipped? Are there “extra” items – coins, wallets, keys – taking a spin?”

If the noise persists, it is probably the motor of your smocked infant clothes dryer or a broken belt.

Your baby smocked clothes are taking too long to dry

Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry

You should clean out that lint filter of your smocked suits dryer! If it is full, air can not flow freely and so it takes more time for your machine.

If the filter is full, there is lint trapped between the dryer drum and the filter. You can use a long-bristled brush to clean out trapped lint from your smocked infant suits dryer. You’ll get your dryer working more efficiently and prevent a possible fire.

Babeeni team