Some smocked infant clothing dryer problems you can fix (part 3)

At the last part, I gave some problems when drying clothes for babies. Come to part 3 of the topic and know more smocked infant clothing dryer problems you can fix before starting drying clothes. They will be useful for mothers in caring for smocked baby clothing.


Filter of dryer is clean and smocked infant clothes won’t dry

Come to the next problem! If your filter is clean, the dryer is heating up baby smocked clothing but it still takes too long to dry smocked dresses for baby girls or boys smocked clothing. There are two things that you should check. Is your dryer hose kinked or clogged when drying smocked clothes? Then you should use that long-handled bristle brush to clean out the dryer hose.


The hose should be as short as possible between the machine and the outside exhaust vent to prevent clogs once drying smocked infant suits such as smocked baby dresses or boys smocked clothes.

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