Some steps to use a smocked infant clothing steamer (part 2)

In this part, you can add some information about steps to use a smocked infant clothing steamer. Read more and know more now!

Step 2: Begin steaming smocked infant clothes


Next, after filling full water in steamer, you can turn the steamer on and let it properly heat up before steaming smocked dresses for baby girls or boys smocked clothing. When steam is evenly and consistently shooting from the head of the steamer, it’s ready to be used for baby clothes.

You start steaming process by pulling gently on the article from the bottom with one hand. But you should make sure that the kid clothing is taut. With the your other hand, you move the steamer head in slow, upward strokes against the fabric.


One notification in steaming process is to keep the movements short as you move across the fabric of smocked baby clothes. The head of the steamer should only barely be touching the baby clothing.

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