Some steps to use a smocked infant clothing steamer (part 3)

Safety tips for using smocked infant clothing steamer

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While you steam smocked dresses for baby girls, boys smocked clothing or others, you should keep the head of the steamer away from your body. It’s also a better idea to wear shoes while you steam smocked infant clothes because hot water may possibly drip from the steamer and could easily burn your feet.

Once you’re finished steaming process for a few of baby clothes, you should unplug the machine and allow the steamer head to completely cool. Then, before storing steamer away, remove any water remaining in the machine.

Types of baby clothing to steam


In fact, you can steam most types of fabric on all types of clothing however you should take extra precaution with clothing that requires dry cleaning. For these items, it is necessary be sure to avoid holding the steamer head in one spot against the smocked kids clothing for a prolonged period of time. Also, pay attention to decorative elements on clothing. While steam is safe for fabrics and textiles, it may damage fragile items on kids clothing.

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