Some things you should know about peasant dresses for little girls

Peasant dresses are good for mothers who always look for comfort without being obvious for their daughters.  For little girls who do not like zippers, buttons and other closures, a peasant dress just needs to be over their head will be a best suggestion. So, in this entry, I’d like to share some things about girl peasant dresses. Let’s read now!

1.    What is a peasant dress

Polka dot peasant dress for kids

Peasant dresses are featured by a folksy element that makes them stand out in the crowd. They may have provincial characteristics like embroidery in different patterns, but they also have detailed designs like puff sleeves or low necklines. Peasant girl dresses can be extremely fashionable and combined with current trend. Peasant dresses are made of cotton fabric, but sometimes they are made of soft silk in other dress versions.

2.    When do you wear peasant dresses for your daughters?

Peasant dresses are usually casual, however, you can dress up for your baby girls quite easily if they prefer. This style looks great when worn alone. You can also mix peasant dress with legging, jacket or blazer when the weather gets cold. Likewise, to make your daughter more graceful, try combining with some hair accessories.

3.    Some suggested designs of girl peasant dresses

Lovely Minnie appliquéd peasant girl dress – DR 2008

Lovely Minnie appliquéd peasant girl dress
Minnie appliquéd peasant girl dress

 Feature: Lovely peasant dress for baby girl with Minnie appliquéd pattern, long sleeves and ruffle

Material:  Red with medium black dot and lace

Cute gingerbread appliqué peasant dress for girls – DR 2010

Cute gingerbread appliqué peasant dress for girls
gingerbread appliqué peasant dress

Feature: A lovely green corduroy peasant dress for baby girls with gingerbread appliquéd pattern at bottom and ruffles at the wrist

Material:  light green plain corduroy, red quatrefoil fabric

Ladybug applique kids dresses – DR 1125

Ladybug applique kids dresses
Ladybug applique kids dresses

Feature: Girls applique ruffle dress with cute ladybug pattern at the bottom, short sleeve

Fabric type:

– Main fabric:  Hot pink plain

– Other fabric: Lime green plain, peach pink plain

I have introduced three designs of peasant dresses. Please visit to see full designs of this dress style. It’s so adorable and attractive, surely.

Thank you for reading!

Babeeni team