Some tips on washing smocks for kids made by special fabrics

On special occasions, we usually choose smocks for kids made by special fabrics like silk, wool, lace, satin, and others. While these smocked clothing look so good and sophisticated, they needed special care.

  • First, you have to read the care label for laundry instructions before washing smocks for babies. This will guide you on how to extend the life of your special garment.



  • Next, choose a milder detergent to wash smocked dresses or boys smocked clothing because they can gently remove dirt, soil and stains without stretching, shrinking or fading the color of your kid clothes.
  • If stained, pre-treat the cool kids clothes immediately. You should use a stain remover or soak the stained area on smocked clothes in liquid detergent. Mildly rub the stained area of the fabric together until the stain is gone.
  • It would be advisable to hand wash delicate fabrics. Hand washing these garments is the best way to ensure that they are not damaged.
  • To safely hand wash these clothes, fill a sink or tub with cold water and detergent. Allow your clothing to soak for a few minutes. Gently move the items around with your hands. You could also rub the fabrics together for a better clean. After a few manual cycles, rinse the garments in cold water. Dry the garments on a flat surface to protect the fabric from stretching or lose its shape.


  • As much as possible, do not use chemical treatments. Products like bleach, fabric softeners, or starch contain strong ingredients that may also ruin the fabric.