Some tips to choose children clothes in special occasions (Part 1)

Special occasion is always a chance to dress for your child outstanding smocked clothes. Today, I will suggest some tips to choose the wonderful and comfortable children clothes in some holiday, wedding, family celebration… Let’s read to find some useful experiences!

  1. Fabric material

Choosing fabric is the first step you should pay attention to prevent rashes or allergic reaction to children skin.

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Cotton is probably the most popular fabric for children clothes. Cotton suits perform and breathe well in hot climates and at outdoor events, which can help keep children cool.

Moreover, many people prefer to purchase and wear linen suits for outdoor events in the summer. Linen is incredibly lightweight and can breathe well, avoids irritating baby skin.

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  1. Comfort

Kid smocked clothes which create convenience as well as at home, is the best smocked outfits. When shopping at store, let your child put on clothes and move around for few minutes. If you buy at online store, you should see size chart and ask for advices from supporters. Too tight clothes can constrict baby skin. In addition you should check regularly when taking off baby clothes whether there is any red mark.

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This time I have shared 2 first tips about choosing children clothes in special occasions. Please wait for next part to discover more information!

Thank you for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.