Some tips to choose safe Halloween smocked dresses (Part 1)

Halloween smocked bishop dress
Smocked bishop dress with pumpkin and Scare crow

Halloween is coming, surely children are very excited. In order to make Halloween more special, smocked dresses are often chosen as significant gifts. But parents should keep some basic things in mind to choose a safe Halloween smocked dress for baby girl. Let’s read!

Flame resistant dresses

Halloween is a festival with a lot of sparkle candles. It is very beautiful at night but it might be a danger with dynamic kids. They are easily attracted and caught the fire by accident. So at first, mother should look for labels that say flame resistant on Halloween smocked dress. Although it does not prevent the smocked dresses from ultimately catching on fire, it does mean that it will not ignite easily or if it does catch on fire, it will self-extinguish. Thus, at a slow rate, parents are allowed to get their child out of a costume should it ignite.

Halloween smocked bishop dress
Smocked bishop dress with pumpkin and Scare crow

Otherwise, the best effective way is that you also can teach children to stay away from candle, lantern or other decorative flames.

Avoid being rashes

Baby skin is very delicate. So you should check if your daughter could be allergic to any fabric. When shopping smocked children clothing, you should be wary of distinct fabric materials. The best fabric is lightweight, breathable and soft. For example, cotton is one of baby-friendly fabric materials.

Halloween smocked dress
Halloween smocked dress with with pattern

In addition, nontoxic also needs being care about. Too many dye colors in one costume is not good for children’s skin. You do not want to see your girl being allergic in a magnificent dress, do you?

Large cape

There are many cartoon movie’s characters are loved, such as: batman, superman… They have one point in general: large cape. It is useful for them but may be danger if you combined with Halloween smocked dress for children. A large cape could pose strangulation risks or get caught on fire. So skipping cape will be a wise choice.

I have given 3 tips in choosing for baby girls safe smocked dresses on Halloween occasion. Please wait for the next part to discover more tips for perfect costumes. Hope that you enjoy!

Thank you for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.