Some tips to choose safe Halloween smocked dresses (Part 2)

Halloween smocked dress
Halloween smocked dress with with pattern

A safe and funny Halloween is an expected occasion that parents bring to children. And choosing safe Halloween costumes for kid is sometimes a problem. In the previous part, I shared 3 first tips. Today, I will continue mentioning the rest tips for the best Halloween smocked dresses. Let’s read!

Pumpkin Boo and cat smocked bishop dress

Choose the right size

If your daughter is a baby or toddler, she is too young to say how she feels when dressing too tight dresses. Mother should pay attention to choose smocked dresses with correct size. Remember not to choose by age because each body has own shape and parameter. So when going to store, you can refer to size chart or ask for consultant to choose suitable Halloween smocked dresses. After trying on, check if your child could move around, sit down and stand up easily or not. And for beautiful appearance the dress should be neither tight nor too loose.

Pumpkin corduroy smocked dress

Add a skin suit underneath

Halloween is celebrated at the end of October. It could be cold with unusual snowflakes falling on trick-or-treaters. Thus, apart from smocked dresses and other Halloween costumes, mother should wear her skin suit underneath. The skin suit provides amazing warmth and protection.

trick or treat smocked dress

Avoid strangulation hazard (choose suitable style)

On Halloween, there are a lot of costumes’ styles available from the most complicated styles to the simplest styles. It is very diverse. A simple style of smocked dresses is not a bad choice as long as your child feels comfortable. Regarding style, you should not choose too many decorations on the dress since they may pose a choking hazard if your baby swallows by accident. Therefore, you also should avoid complex cords, sashes, zipper as it will not get caught in your child’s feet and be a tripping hazard.

Pumpkin smocked dress

In addition, if you daughter is a skinny girl, bishop smocked dress may suitable. In contrary, with a bit chubby body, she should wear an a-line smocked dress. These are just some suggestions you can refer. There are still more styles at our website: Please sign up and contact to get more benefits.

I have shared the rest tips as I promised. Hope that with my sharing you can choose perfect Halloween smocked dresses for your daughter!

Thank you for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.