Some tips to remove pencil stains on smocked infant dresses

Many people think that pencil stains on smocked infant dresses are impossible to remove. Here are the steps on how to remove pencil stains on smocked infant clothes.

  • Erasing pencil stains.

You can erase the pencil stains literally off the laundry. You can use the pencil eraser at the tip or a separate pencil eraser. A few gentle passes can remove the marks from the smocked dress.

  • Apply the formula of removing stain on smocked clothes

Apply a stain remover formula on the stained area. You must follow the correct instructions whenever applying their stain remover formula.

smocked infant dresses

  • Wash smocked infant dresses normally

Wash smocked dresses as normally. Repeat the above steps if the stain remains before finally drying the stain free kid clothing.

  • Hang the best baby clothes to dry

Dry the stained best baby clothing under the heat of the sun instead of your dryer because the sun is a wonderful stain remover.

If the stain persists, you can repeat the following steps until the stain is completely gone. After that you could wear freshly and clean smocked infant clothing for baby girls to go out and play.