Some tips to remove stains on smocked dresses for babies at home

It is difficult to prevent smocked dresses for babies from getting stained. Do you know how to make a stain remover on smocked clothes for babies at home? Here are two recipes you can use for homemade stain remover on kid clothes:

Recipe 1

You collect the different pieces of soaps. If you have a lot of old soaps to wash smocked dresses for babies at home, you need just to mix them with boiling water. Mix them in a jar. The soap will melt into the boiling water. This soap mixture can be used to pre-treat stains in laundry. It is very easy to get any type of stains out of the smocked suits for babies. It is best to use any homemade stain remover in removing fresh stains on kid outfits. Rub a big amount on the stained area before putting it in the washer.

Recipe 2smocked dresses for babies

Here is the second stain remover recipe that can also work for carpet stains on smocked dresses. You mix half a cup of white vinegar, half a cup of liquid detergent, water and ammonia together and put it in a spray bottle. This can help you clear out any tough stain on any fabric. It is also very much safe to use on your smocked clothing for babies as well.