The way to iron smocked dresses for girls (part 1)

All mothers think that ironing smocked dresses for girls is a difficult task but it is easier than you think. This blog will teach you how to properly iron the smocked dresses.

  • Firstly, we mention the ironing materials you need for ironing smocked dresses for babies:

–         An iron


–         An ironing board


–         Distilled water


  • Then, set up ironing area



You set up your ironing board and turn on the iron. Then you fill the iron’s water reservoir. Check the smocked baby dresses content label to know the fabric of clothes in order to set the proper heat level on the iron. When in doubt, you can set at a cooler level and turn the smocked dress inside out so you don’t get the shiny look from your iron.

Continue opening the bottom of the smocked girls dresses and pull it over the ironing board’s narrowest part.  If you see a zipper or buttons here, undo them making it easier to place the dress on the ironing board. Position the backside top portion of the dress first.