The way to iron smocked dresses for girls (part 2)

  • Begin ironing the smocked dresses for girls


You press your iron firmly down but you should keep the iron moving at all times.   Make a slight tug to get the creases on smocked dresses out but you have to be careful because the iron is really hot. One more thing is once you move the fabric around to iron another section, you should rest the iron in the upright position. Rotate the top portion of the dress slowly as you work your way to the front side of the smocked dress.

You continue ironing until the top portion of the smocked baby dresses is completed. With wrinkles, you lightly spray some water on the fabric and then iron it, still pressing firmly down and moving.

  • Iron the bottom of the smocked dresses for babies


Next pull the bottom on the ironing board. Let the top hang off the ironing board while you iron the bottom. You have to ensure the entire smocked clothes are being ironed. Continue ironing the bottom portion of the dress until complete.

Check the smocked girls dresses to ensure you haven’t missed any wrinkles. Hang it up on a hanger and let it cool off before wearing for baby girls.