The way to prevent shrinking smocked infant clothing in the dryer (part 1)

Hi, I’m Bella for Today I will help you save your wardrobe or bank account by preventing shrinkage smocked infant clothing in the dryer. Read this blog to see useful tips for preventing smocked clothing from shrinking.

Tips for preventing smocked baby clothing shrinkage in the dryer


Start by reading the content labels on your smocked clothes because this will provides you with detailed tips on how to properly clean them.

Washing smocked infant clothes before drying


If your smocked kids clothing calls for hand washing, take the time to do it. You use cold water to prevent shrinkage of smocked dresses or boys smocked clothing and add a little detergent. You should place the clothing in the sink and move it around. After that you let it soak for about twenty minutes and then rinse it out until there is no soap left. Then you can lay it out or hang it up to dry depending on the article of smocked baby clothes.