The way to prevent shrinking smocked infant clothing in the dryer (part 2)

If you wash smocked infant clothing in washing machine then use cold water, you should use a cycle that uses less agitation such as gentle cycle due to it is also a good choice. And this also helps prevent shrinking for particular fabrics of smocked clothing.

zxcrtyuUsing a dryer for smocked infant clothes

You remove the smocked clothes from the washer and either hang it or lay it out to dry or dry it in the dryer. If you use the dryer then use the lowest heat setting. You should not use high heat because this will cause smocked baby clothing to shrink. You can start the dryer and once complete then remove promptly to prevent wrinkling.


As you know the heat causes shrinkage on smocked baby clothes, so you can eliminate the heat at every possible turn cuts down on the likelihood for damage.

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