The way to remove dirt stains on smocked clothing for babies (part 2)

  • Remove the dirt stain on smocked clothing for babies


You mix a teaspoon of a mild, chemical-free laundry detergent with about a cup of room-temperature water. Next, you take a clean cloth and blot carefully the stain on smocked infant clothing. You should avoid grinding it in further. If the stain persists on smocked clothes, you need to try mixing a tablespoon of ammonia and water and blotting as before.

  • Check for grass stains on smocked suits


If you see any sort of grass stain hiding behind your dirt on smocked clothing, the laundry detergent and water should expose it. You should not apply the ammonia, unless you want your pants to explode. Okay, maybe they won’t explode, but they might be grass-stained forever.

  • Removing tough dirt stains on smocked outfits


Finally, you go back to your laundry detergent mixture and blot a final time, then you launder as usual in the hottest water your fabric of baby clothing will allow. Check that your stain is completely gone before putting any piece of smocked kids clothing in the dryer.