The way to stop dye bleeding in smocked infant clothing (part 1)

Many mothers ask me the question: “can I stop the bleeding of dye from smocked infant clothing?” Learn the way to stop dye bleeding at this blog.

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Many mothers always add salt to the water when hand washing smocked clothing to “set the color”. I’ve also heard about adding vinegar. Unfortunately, neither will work on smocked infant clothes that have already been dyed. Don’t waste your time for resources.

When you dye cotton yarn or fabrics, salt in the dye bath does help the dye absorb into the fabric of smocked dresses for baby girls or boys smocked clothing instead of staying suspended in the water. For wool or nylon, vinegar does help the dye absorb. But neither is a dye fixative for already dyed fabric or fibers.


So, what can be done? On the market, there are commercial dye fixatives for smocked infant suits you can purchase for home use such as Retayne and Rit Dye Fixative.

Babeeni team