Things to concern when choosing newborn kid clothes

If you’re a first time parent, you will feel difficult when choosing newborn kid clothes. However, your goal should be to fill your best baby clothes with practical newborn clothes and avoid items that could potentially make your baby uncomfortable or kid clothing that is a waste of money. You also need to consider softness, durability, and safety; at this age, style should be the last thing on your mind.

  • Skip designer kid clothes

Your baby will grow so fast – and sleep so much – that all those tiny versions of grown up cool kids clothes will go to waste; it’s like throwing money out the window. You save the designer purchases for later on when your baby has grown a bit and will be able to wear.
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  • Consider comfort kid clothing

All babies like to be comfortable in kid suits. When babies are comfortable they’re happier (which means a more peaceful house) and they sleep better (which means you do too).

  • Newborns sleep – A lot in cool kids clothing

As you know, most newborn babies will sleep up to 18 hours per day! In reality, that means baby needs comfortable pajamas and coveralls, not outfits.

  • You’ll get a lot of kid clothes as gifts

As the 3rd most often gifted item at baby showers, it’s clear that few are immune to the pull of tiny clothes. If you want to buy new best baby clothes, wait to shop until after your shower. Or, if you really can’t resist, consider shopping consignment.
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  • Be mindful of baby clothes sizes

When people tell you that babies grow like weeds, they’re not kidding; in fact, the general rule of thumb is to double your baby’s age to determine his size – at least up until he hits age 2.  If you try to buy baby clothing too far in advance, you’ll just be wasting your money because your baby will never get to wear half of what you bought.