Tips for choosing girl smocked outfit for fat and dwarf baby girls

girl smocked outfit

Dwarfish and chubby girls are often unconfident about their appearances when wearing clothes. Yet, being short will not be problem to your princess anymore if you know the rules of mixing apparels for her body. Today I want to introduce tips for choosing girl smocked outfit for buxom and dwarf baby girls to mothers.

Color and design

Attires with large patterns or stripes as well as outstanding colors should not be selected. Instead, your daughter should wear the ones with warm and dark color tones. A perfect suggestion for her is garbs with vertical stripes since they always create an effect about a slender body for wearers. The two contrast colors, white and black, will also help dwarfish little girls to easily generate a visual effect about a slim appearance.

girl smocked outfit
Brown flower and geometric smocked outfits for baby girl

Rule of 1/3 and 2/3

This rule advises wearers not to attire garments which divide the body into two equal halves. Instead, wearers should attire dresses and pants which have high waist part. This kind of raiment helps not only girls conceal belly fat but also their appearances be taller and more skinny.

Smocked togs

You should select V-neck T-shirts or dresses. The reason is that they can effectively help your angel to look taller. To shirt, you only need to overlook some upper buttons for your princess then it will have V-neck. However, the V-neck which is too long will make your baby girl shorter. The overwhelming proportion between leg and back will be clearer if she wears clothing that is too long and over the hip. Therefore, you should choose clothes that are short a little bit and fit her body. Smocked short pants will make her legs shorter and be divided into many parts. As a result, you should avoid buying this kind of pants. To cheat the height for your daughter, you should not choose harem pants. Dresses which are super long or super short should be considered. The ones that are between these two ranges, especially dresses that are long to calf or knees, should not be minded.


You should choose cotton fabric which has high level of elasticity. Rough and tough fabric should be ignored. Nevertheless, fabric which is too soft should not be selected.

girl smocked outfit
Cinderella princess and Prince smocked set for girl

It is necessary for you to remember this thing: Never let smocked outfits for girls overwhelm your angel’s appearance, use them as the foundation of improving any imbalances on her body! In the other words, this kind of apparels can be considered as a savior to your princess if you know how to select it.

Thank you for reading!