Tips for ironing children clothing


Most people don’t know how to iron the clothes especially baby clothes. Baby clothes are made out of the same material as your clothes. They are susceptible to wrinkles like any other garment. Knowing how to iron baby clothes will help your child not to look so rumpled.

Temperature guide for different fabrics

Cotton: Iron slightly damp on the right side with hot iron

Linen: Iron damp on the wrong side first, then on the right side to bring out the sheen, especially damasks and light – coloured linens. Iron dark linens on the wrong side only


Silk: Iron slightly damp on right side with warm iron

Wool (knitted): Turn the garment inside out and press dry or nearly dry on the wrong side with warm iron or steam

Wool (woven): Press dry on right side with a pressing cloth to avoid scorching, using a warm iron or steam iron

Acrylic: If needed, press on wrong side with cool iron. Do not use steam or damp cloth

Nylon or Polyester: Iron nearly dry, on the wrong side with a cool iron to prevent glazing

Acetate: Iron evenly damp, on the wrong side with a cool iron

Step 1 – Heat Your Iron

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Before ironing anything, plug in and preheat your iron. Check the material on the label of the clothes and set the iron to the correct material setting. If there is no label, you will not damage anything if you assume it’s at least a blend. In this case, set the iron to medium low. It will protect even polyester blends from being ruined.

Step 2 – Flip inside out

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In order to protect the printed material on the front of most kid two pieces clothes, flip the clothing inside out. This rule includes pants. The other upshot to ironing clothes from the inside out is you will be able to keep the clothes from becoming shiny and will prevent any discoloration from being noticeable.

Step 3 – Iron with a Light Touch

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In order to keep the clothes from sticking together, or melting, use a light touch. As long as you’re using plenty of steam, you shouldn’t need to press down on the clothes. The weight of the iron should be enough weight get rid of all the wrinkles.

I hope that these tips above will be useful for you to iron children clothing in the right  way.

Thanks for reading!

Sam from Babeeni.