Tips for storing hand smocked clothing (Part 2)

geometric smocked baby grows

In the previous part, I shared with you 2 first tips about washing, drying and folding smocked clothing for children before storing. Today, I will continue suggesting 2 things you need. Let’s read!


  • Put them in plastic container


It will be perfect if mother could store children smocked clothes in an air tight plastic container with a lid. This storage tool will prevent air and moisture from outside so that fungi has no chance to grow. Otherwise, there is not any insect, rat or mice could get access to garments since plastic material is hard to beat. This is a great one for you to store some kinds of heirloom, such as Christening Gown or baby smocked grow (for next baby)…

geometric smocked baby grows

Now you may love to pack your kid smocked clothing in the plastic container, but not all of the containers are safe as they release chemicals which could have subtle to grossly negative effects on the clothing. So you should make sure that the plastic material is high quality, safe and nontoxic.


  • Put into some desiccant


Desiccant is a hygroscopic substance used as a drying agent. However, desiccants contain chemical agents that may be toxic to children or pets when swallowing by accident. But it is usually packed by plastic bag or paper-fabric bag. Putting some packs into above plastic container or your kid closet is to keep clothes away from moistures. And then you should seal it as long as there is no any gap.

When summer comes across again, you open the box and should throw away the desiccants. Its function is end, if you want pack summer smocked clothing, you will have to buy other new things.  

rainbow smocked sundress

Along with part 1 which discussed about wash and dry hand smocked clothing carefully prior to storing, plastic container and desiccant are other things you need. There are many ways to store children clothing, my article is just basic ones. In case you have another way, hope that you could share your ideas!

Thank you for reading!