Tips to choose Halloween children clothing

Halloween is nearly approaching and you are looking for gorgeous outfits for your children to put on during the holiday. However, for a happy Halloween, you certainly have to choose the outfits that are not only beautiful, impressive but also completely safe for your children. Today, Babeeni will introduce you some very useful tips to choose perfect Halloween children clothing. Let’s get started!

Avoid  choosing holiday children clothing with too many decorative details

Parents often want their children to be attractive on holiday occasion. As a result, they tend to buy clothing decorated with a lot of details such bows, large buttons, cords, sashes…. However, these decorative stuff can cause choking hazards or making children injured. Therefore, you should avoid anything that could pose a strangulation hazard for baby, such as clothes that are too tight round the neck or have cords or sashes that go around the neck. Halloween children clothing with hand-smocked details is good suggestion for mother because it is safe for baby but still unique and lovely. Simple design will make children act easily and feel comfortable when wearing while cute smocked patterns help children look so attractive. A hand-smocked item such as a bishop dress or romper would be great gifts for baby in this Halloween day!

Halloween children clothing
Choosing hand-smocked item for Holiday occasion for your children

Halloween children clothing collection of Babeeni

With the purpose of bringing the best in Halloween day, Babeeni takes great pleasure to introduce the Halloween collection. Designed with 3 main standards: beautiful, safe and comfortable,  items in the Collection would surely satisfy both mothers and her adorable sweeties. Lovely and unique smocked patterns are highlights of outfits and make children be more attractive when wearing.There are many nice designs in this collection such as: pumpkin train smocked boy longalls, smocked spiders shortalls, boo smocked boy outfit… This collection used orange and black as main colors that totally suit for Halloween atmosphere. Let’s take a look at this interesting collection:

holiday children clothing
Nice Boo hand smocked longall for boy -BC 548


halloween children clothing
Witch and cat girl smocked dresses DR 1727
Halloween children clothing
Baby girl clothes with Jack O – Lantern pattern – DR 1352
Halloween children clothing
Pumpkin Smocked Baby Sets -BC 098


Let’s visit Babeeni’s website to choose the more beautiful Halloween clothing for your children!