Tips to choose a Christening Gown

Choosing a christening gown is always parents’ care on baptisms. A christening is an once-in- a-lifetime occasion for a baby. A christening is always shades of white to symbolize purity and innocence. Depending on each people’s favorite, they choose suitable christening gown for their baby. However, the choice is influenced by several determining factors. I would like to introduce some tips to choose a christening gown.

Boys and girls

If you following traditional style, christening gowns are for both boys and girl, you can choose simpler, more casual style for boy’s gown and bonnet/hat.

With modern families, they often choose a romper or suit for boy, christening gowns for girl.

Christening gowns or christening dress

Christening gown is a kind of traditional style. It is about 32 inches in length. Christening dress is shorter a little. The christening dress is frequently used for older child. A christening dress is easier to handle especially for post-ceremony.


– The Traditional christening gown is formal type. They are made from silk, satin or organza. They are usually long gowns and have details such as fine lace, embroidery and applique.

– The modern christening gowns are often made from cotton or satin. They are modern outfits for boys including textured vests as well as a tuxedo-style outfit.

This is one sample of christening gown which is from cotton fabric.

Cute UK geometric smocked christening gown – LG 04

This dress is made of white plain cotton fabric. It is designed originally with geometric smocking & flowers on the chest. The hat is attached with dress.

– Casual christening gowns are simple, elegant choices. These gowns have clean, crisp lines. They are usually shorter than formal dresses. The casual gowns are made from a mix of satin, tulle, and organza. These dresses can have some detailing and simple smocking.


Various types of cotton are used in christening gowns.

– Baptiste cotton is light fabric so it is perfect for a gown.

– Sateen feels like silk and it is a lustrous, smooth feel and glossy sheen. It’s used to make dresses, skirts, jackets, sheets and household décor.

– Broadcloth is a dense, plain woven cloth & made of wool. Broadcloth works well for holding details like creases and beading.

– Cotton interlock is a stretchy, lightweight, double knit.

– Bubble gauze is plain cotton.

– Polyester blends are also popular with customers.

Most christening gowns are white or ivory. White is used as a symbol of innocence and purity & the best choice for christening gown.

That is some tips I would like to introduce how to choose christening gowns. I hope they are useful. Besides, Our Company manufactures many types of children clothing. You can visit website: for more detail.