Tips to teach children about polite principles

Are you confused of children’s rude behavior? Don’t worry, I will suggest you some following tips, hope you read and enjoy it!

1. Parents please say hello, thank you, sorry, goodnight, invited to eat…seriously. Especially, do it with your own children. When kids find that they are respected, they will immediately show the right attitude to adults. At that time, teaching children to become polite person in the near future is much easier.


2. Please do not forced children to say hello, to do something that parents want when taking kids out and meeting other people. Let children feel safe and comfortable when communicating with others. They will communicate with strangers more easily and greetings will be said naturally.


3. Once your kid has passed the age of 6 and has not yet formed the habit of polite behavior, parents should completely ignore them if they behave rude in front of other people at that moment. However, the child should be punished because of rude behavior as soon as you return home. Feel free to punish yourself if the father / mother do something wrong or forget behaving politely. Building principles is the best platform to form the habit of civilized life.


The most important thing is your sincerity in educating your children. I hope you succeed in keeping love in your family.

Thanks for reading!

Anne from Babeeni team.