Two kinds of baby dress


Hand smocked dress now comes into many styles and patterns. Each style of smocked dress for baby girl has its own name. In the previous part, I introduce to you 3 kinds of baby dress. Now, I will continue sharing the rests. Let’s read!

Geometric smocked dress

Geometric smocked dress is created by getting inspired of the UK traditional clothing. With geometric pattern, baby girl smocked dress is unique and classical. Nowadays, geometric pattern is stylized in many ways. In order to make the dress more exquisite, on the geometric lines, some tiny flowers, hearts, bow and zigzags are added harmoniously.

This kind of dress is also available in almost designs. Geometric smocked pattern which is around the neck called geometric smocked bishop dress, on the bodice called Rosalina geometric smocked dress

Geometric smocked dresses make a classic and timeless beauty

A-line smocked dress

A-line smocked dress is designed following the shape of letter “A”. It is fitted at the hips and gradually widens toward the hem. With this design, buttons are usually at back for easy putting on and off. A-line dress is also diverse, some have short sleeves with “Peter Pan” collar, some are popular with sleeveless and no collar. And smocked pattern which is usually set on the bodice of the dress can be cute animal, flower, cartoon character with harmonious zigzags attached.

One of the first choices for cute chubby girls

With these features and advantages, this kind of dress is always the first choice for chubby baby girls to cover their defects and be more adorable.

Yoke smocked dress

Yoke dress also can be called sun dress. It intended to be worn in warm weather, especially in summer. Typically, it is an informal or casual dress in a lightweight fabric, most common cotton, and usually loose fitting. Yoke dress often has sleeveless for easy moving in summer activities. So when going on vacation or going to beach, sun smocked dress is usually a popular choice.

Sun smocked dress – a perfect item for summer vacation on the beach

As a decoration, smocked pattern is various with the themes of holidays, seasons… A sundress is combined with smocked pattern called a smocked sundress. And smocked pattern can set on the bodice that is between the bust line and waist.

I have shared with you 3 kinds of hand smocked dress. They are also the pride of us. Hope that you love my article and visit our website at to see other pretty smocked dresses.

Thank you for reading!