What are the steps to prep children reversible clothing for laundry?

There are some tips on how to prep your children reversible clothing to do a load of laundry.

  • Check labels of children reversible clothes


You should read the labels of kids reversible clothes that is unique or you think may need some extra care. The content label will instruct you on how to wash the garment of smocked dresses, boys smocked clothing or girls clothing, etc.

  • Prepare stains on kids reversible clothing



You should check your baby clothes over for stains or anything in pockets. If there is a stain on baby reversible clothes, pre-treat it with a stain remover.

  • Identify new pieces of baby clothing

You sort out anything brand new that might bleed such as a bright color or something red. And with the first wash, you should wash them separately; however, after that they can join like colors the next time around.

  • Sort into piles


Next, you sort your clothes into 5 separate piles with like colors consisting of darks, whites, brights, lights, and delicates.  Wash towels separately because of lint. You can put the dark baby clothes such as blacks, browns, and jeans in one pile, lights in another pile such as pastel colors or lightly tinted colors, brights in another pile, which consists of anything bright from pinks, oranges, purples, yellows.  Whites anything white like t-shirts, underwear and socks.  Delicates would be the fabrics that require extra care such as dresses, silk and lingerie.