What do you know about iron smocked infant clothing? (part 3)

You should check the iron to be sure the base plate is clean before ironing smocked infant clothing because scorched build-up can be transferred to clean baby smocked clothing.


Before making ironing works, you should also take a look at your ironing board cover as well. It should be clean. And it is so easy because you can wash most covers easily replace it.

If you don’t have an ironing board to iron smocked dresses for baby girls or boys smocked clothing, you can use a sturdy flat surface like a table or counter by preparing it correctly for smocked infant clothes.

While the iron is hot for smocked baby clothes

iron and ironing board

Before you begin ironing smocked baby dresses or boys smocked clothes, you should read the label of garment. There will be ironing guidelines written or shown with symbols to settle work best. If the label on baby smocked clothes is missing, you can refer to an ironing temperature setting chart for different fabrics.

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