What do you know about iron smocked infant clothing? (part 4)

When you iron most fabrics of smocked infant clothing, you should iron on the wrong side of the garment to prevent shining of the fabric.


This is particularly important thing for baby dark colors smocked clothing. For fabrics like chevron, corduroy and textured fabrics, ironing on the wrong side will prevent crushing and even removing the texture on smocked dresses for baby girls or boys smocked clothing. It is also good for your baby clothes and loose little time.

It is usually best for you to iron smocked infant clothes while they are still slightly damp. With exception when you need a completely dry iron on fabrics that water-stain.


To add dampness on baby smocked clothes, you can sprinkle the smocked baby dresses or boys smocked clothes lightly with water. And sometimes you can use an ironing spray like starch or sizing to add moisture for smocked infant suits when you prepare all things for ironing process.

Babeeni team