What do you know about iron smocked infant clothing? (part 5)

Through four parts of this blog, you can know some information about ironing smocked infant clothing. And part 5 will supply more for your knowledge now to help you complete ironing process with the better result.


There are some notices when you want to iron any baby smocked dresses or boys smocked clothing. You should read and consider carefully.

When you iron collars, cuffs, pockets or hems of smocked baby clothing that are double thickness of fabric, you should iron on the inside first and then on the outside to smooth any final wrinkles on baby smocked clothing. With these areas you can create definitely benefit based on steam during ironing or pre-wetting before ironing smocked baby dresses or boys smocked clothes.


One more thing you should consider that do not iron over zippers, buttons or any decorations on smocked infant clothes. It can damage the shape of zippers, buttons or any decorations by the iron’s heat.

Babeeni team