What do you know about iron smocked infant clothing? (part 6)

After the last parts of this blog, you can know more useful information about ironing smocked infant clothing issue. And come to part 6 to add the rest of information to get best result.


You should iron baby smocked clothing lengthwise to prevent unexpected stretching. And you also should hang them immediately after ironing. It can help your smocked infant clothes keep a just-pressed look.

If you let scorch your baby girls smocked dresses or boys smocked clothing, you should follow some steps to correct the situation immediately.

Make ironing smocked infant suits fun


Whenever you don’t enjoy ironing baby smocked clothes– or if you do – there are ways to make the time more enjoyable and productive for you or your babies. You can listen to music or set the ironing board up so you can watch television. It’s a great time to listen to a book on tape. You also can enlist others to help you. All kids love to sprinkle water on baby smocked suits. You can let your little boys use a water pistol to spray clothes. Ask others to take freshly ironed garments directly to the closet and hang smocked baby clothing up.

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