What Fabrics are suitable for Infant Clothes?

As you know, skins of babies are very sensitive so when we buy clothes, we always note material of that outfits whether fabric is suitable or not. In this text, i would like to introduce some suitable fabric with babies’ skins.


It is the most common fabric in infant clothes, cotton is soft and absorbent and gentle on a baby’s skin. It is available in an organic version and will shrink up to 10% upon the first wash and dry cycle if you use heat. So you can set your mind when choose outfits with cotton.

Cotton/Polyester Blends

A blend that dries quickly, resists wrinkling and is typically less expensive than infant clothes made of a 100% natural fiber. This blend is easy to care for and doesn’t shrink, making it a popular choice among busy parents.

Cotton/Spandex Blends

Because the fabric is nearly all cotton, it will have all the comfort and breathability of cotton.  The spandex will not noticeably affect this since typically the blends only use 2% to 5% spandex, which acts to control the shape of the fabric so it doesn’t wrinkle or stretch. Therefore, using this fabric for children clothing is quite suitable


A lightweight, warm and soft fabric, fleece has some of wool’s good qualities but weighs a fraction of the lightest available woolens. Warm and fuzzy, fleece is often found in baby outerwear and is available in a variety of weights. Great for layering, it’s good for in-between seasons. Fleece dries quickly, is moisture-wicking and is a vegan alternative to wool. Also, it’s virtually stain-proof and super easy to care for, just toss it in the wash with like colors and you’re set. So this fabric is usually used to make jackets or coats.


A luxury textile, cashmere can be found in high-end designer infant clothes. Softer than traditional wool, this material also remains smoother and lighter with remarkable insulation properties.  So it is very perfect to use that fabric for children clothing.


An all-natural fabric, bamboo is becoming an increasingly popular choice for baby clothes. Thermal-regulating, it will adjust with your baby’s body temperature and is great for layering. It has a host of other fantastic selling points including being hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial; right along with 100% cotton.

That is some fabrics which are suitable to make infant clothes i would like to share with you. I hope they are useful.