What happens after dropping holiday smocked clothing off at the dry cleaner? (Part 1)

Dry cleaning is a complex process performed by skilled professionals. We are going to show you what happens when dropping holiday smocked clothing off at the dry cleaners.

  • Identifying tough stains on holiday smocked clothes



The first step is learning about the garment: is this a special item of smocked clothing to your babies? Is there a stain we need to remove? Did you try to remove the stain from smocked kids clothing yourself?

You should inspect the garment carefully. You need to identify any stains for pretreating and make note of any small repairs. You tag your garment with paper tags or barcodes.

  • Treating stains before dry cleaning holiday smocked suits



You treat for stains on baby smocked dresses is the next step. You can see have an arsenal of stain removal techniques at our disposal in professional dry cleaners. So whether blood stain, grease stain or red wine stain on hand smocked clothing, you also can remove them by your dry cleaner.