What happens after dropping holiday smocked clothing off at the dry cleaner? (Part 2)

  • Dry cleaning your baby’s smocked clothing



After you sort baby smocked clothes according to color or type, you can dry cleaning. But dry cleaning isn’t really dry. Smocked baby dresses or boys smocked clothing are loaded into specialized machines and are cleaned with a solvent and detergent. This water-free process continues with a second clean solvent bath, and then the smocked infant clothing are dried, all in the same machine. The machine purifies and recycles all of the solvent.

  • Pressing the cleaned smocked clothes

After dry cleaning, you put smocked infant clothes through a steam tunnel to prepare them for pressing. The steam relaxes the fibers and makes pressing more effective. Then you press your garment by hand for a nice, wrinkle-free finish. After pressing, you inspect the garment one last time.

  • Bringing smocked suits back together for pickup

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The final step is the assembly. Smocked baby clothing need to be brought back together and you do this using the barcode we applied right in the beginning. Once you’ve assembled your order, bag them and it’s all set to be picked up! And professional cleaners are a smart choice for providing the best care for your smocked baby clothes.