Which fabrics suit for boys smocked clothing?

When choosing clothes for babies, the first consideration will be put on fabrics made them. So which fabrics suit for baby clothes, expecially boys smocked clothing.

Soft and light-weight fabrics are best to make boys smocked clothing, but not sure that all fabrics are comfortable. A fabric must have “breathability” so body moisture can be out. Specially, in summer months, baby will often be uncomfortable when wear boys smocked clothes and perhaps messed much.

boys smocked clothing

Cotton is an absorbent, breathable fiber. Baby will be most comfortable in boys smocked clothing that are cotton or blends with a high percentage of cotton.

boys smocked suits

Knit fabrics are a good choice for boys smocked outfits. Good quality knits usually retain their shape, do not shrink, and do not need ironing. Some labels such as Babeeni may mention that they are shrink resistant.