Why smocked loungewear is good for children?

gingerbread hand smocked loungewear

Hand smocked loungewear is made of knit fabric and includes long pants and long sleeves t-shirt. They are casual smocked clothing and worn at home or for sleeping time. Smocked pattern is embroidered as a square shape on the bodice and there are often elastic wrists and ankles.

gingerbread hand smocked loungewear

As you could see, children loungewears are becoming popular, especially smocked loungewears. Why are they loved much like that? Today, I will share some advantages of kid smocked loungewears. Let’s discover!

Made of knit fabric

Knit fabric which is a kind of cotton fabric has flexible usage. It can keep children cool in summer and warm in winter. When making baby smocked sleep-wear, knit fabric is the first priority since it is soft, well absorbent, nontoxic and allows air circulation. Another advantage is stretchable ability of the fabric. You will not worry that the loungwear may tight the children; on the other hand, it will be easy for you to put on and off the children smocked clothing. Kids will feel comfortable when wearing or sleeping. Also, mother could assure to wear for baby this baby-friendly knit loungewear.

Fall knit smocked loungewear

Now, knit materials come in various colors, thicknesses and shades. Let your children show their personalities by coordinating colors.

Smocked patterns are secure and strong

Smocked patterns are embroidered mainly on the bodice. With them, children will be outstanding. As you can see that smocked loungewear for kid is embroidered by hand skillfully. Smocked patterns include smocked panels which are gathered into pleats and patterns which are sewn stitches by stitches to create pictures of special shapes. All are made by hand so smocked patterns on the loungewear are strong and secure. Your baby could not be at risk of swallowing the redundant threads which are made carelessly.

Bird hand smocked knit loungewear

I have shared with you 2 basic reasons why people choose smocked loungewear for children. There may be others reasons to answer the topic question. Please share with me and hope you enjoy my blog.

Thank you for reading!